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Gifted and Talented Program

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The University Heights Charter School District is a vibrant school community in the heart of Newark, New Jersey. Starting for the 2017-2018 we are pleased to begin our first cohort of Gifted and Talented Classes for grades 3-8.

The Top TEN Reason Why Scholars should apply to our Gifted and Talented Program: 

1. 14:1 Students to Teacher Ratio.

2. 11 Month School Year.

3. Educators are fully certified.

4. Curriculum includes interdisciplinary studies in all grades in addition to mixing direct instruction with hands-on projects and scientific labs, along with extensive opportunities to utilize technology throughout all learning sequences.

5. Eighth Graders partake in college courses attaining college credit.

6. Students work independently and explore their own unique interests, as well as express themselves through writing, exploration, acting and speaking.

7. Students partake in over 5 daily elective courses such as (Public Speaking, Debate, Choreography, Musical Chorus and Instruments, Software and Hardware Technology and Character Education) and the exotic language of French within their daily program.

8. Lessons are centered around interdisciplinary themes that include experiential learning. For example, students would study the city of Newark, where lesson apply to scholars studying how to read maps, compute mathematical structures, build bridges, and identify the wildlife that resides in Newark.

9. The homework load is heavy but manageable: Grades 3- 6 scholars are assigned weekly homework packets that includes 1.5 hours of homework a night, and middle school scholar completes around 2 hours of homework each night with a blended learning structure.

10. Educators combine various Mathematics and English Language Arts programs to deliver instruction using diverse and unique methods. For advanced math scholars are allowed to accelerate to a higher grade and can sit in a higher-class grade for the math instruction.

For more information on our Gifted and Talented Programs please contact the principal, Dr. Kethurah Williams-Howell, email: