Parent Resources - Modeling Respect with Our Words & Actions

Modeling Respect with Our Words & Actions

Dear Community,

Building strong character in our children is essential to the mission of University Heights Charter School. The foundation of this character education rests on our five REACH core virtues: Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Caring, and Honesty. We teach these core virtues through presentations, activities, saying and chants, and the rewards and consequences of our discipline system.

But the strongest way we teach our children strong character is through our words and actions. Nothing is more powerful than the model we adults present to our children. Therefore, we adults must not use disrespectful or foul language at any time. We also cannot threaten anyone, especially children, in any way.

In the past we have had several incidents where foul language and threats of violence were used in front of students. This is a terrible model for children and is completely unacceptable. We are eager and ready to address any concern parents and guardians have about the children or the school. But for the sake of our children and the strong character we are trying to develop, it is essential that all of us adults maintain civility and respect in everything we say or do.

Parents who use foul language or threaten others moving forward may be banned from future entry into the building.

We welcome any questions or dialogue on this issue. Thank you for your cooperation.