Dr. Christy Oliver-Hawley

January 4, 2022

It is the most wonderful time of the year at the University Heights Charter School in Newark.

Welcome back and we are thrilled that all of you are cherished members of our family at the University Heights Charter School. The holiday season is over but we here at the University Heights Charter School just launched what we  feel will be an exciting and educational 2022 school year.

We are grateful to have successfully completed the 2021 school semester in the fall due to our passionate and hard-working staff, which includes our devoted teachers and administrators and the entire personnel who make up our family here at the University Heights Charter School. We achieved our goal and that is to deliver the best education and instruction to our scholars. And the end result is that they all look forward to coming to school each and every day.

The 2021 fall semester year provided numerous and fantastic programs that greatly enhanced the growing reputation of the University Heights Charter School.

Before the school year even started, University Heights Charter School celebrated the opening of the new building on Broad Street and Fulton Street that houses the Junior High School and the Central Offices.

The employment of many highly certified and qualified teachers and administrators prepared all of us to take on the challenge of the 2021 school year when we returned to in-person instruction.

The state of New Jersey certainly took notice of the new look and the positive atmosphere that exists in the hallways at the University Heights Charter School.

In October, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation selected the University Heights Charter School as one of the five school districts in the entire state to participate in the Foundation’s District Wide Virtual Workshop program. This program supports New Jersey schools in regards to strong conflict resolutions and anti-bullying and anti-bias programming. The first session was held in November when the staff of the University Heights Charter School participated in what was a very informative and educational program.  Two more sessions are scheduled for this year.

The Hour of Code was another educational milestone that our scholars enjoyed during Computer Science Education  Education Week in December. Partnerships with the Newark Public Library and the University Hospital of Newark produced a highly informative UHCS Parent Engagement Workshop in November.

Other partnerships included the formation of the University Heights Charter School and the City of Newark Department of Health and Wellness  that led to the Coivd Vaccine Clinic that was held twice at the Junior High School/Central Offices building. A combined total of over 70 shots were administered during the sessions on November 19 and December 10.

A strong partnership has also been created with the Newark YMCA, where our scholars engage in the physical education classes, and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Both landmark sites are located in our historical neighborhood.

This past semester also saw our 30 Book Campaign earn reviews at our Elementary School and the dance program at our Junior High School, while the Lower School promoted its literacy events and the Let’s Talk Series with the principals and parents.

We were thrilled this past fall with the improved school climate and culture as a result of our Student Code of Conduct that has produced a brighter and positive environment that is conducive to learning.

Looking on the horizon in 2022, our Director of Curriculum will be working with our principals to review, revise and realign our overall curriculum. Our entire leadership team, which includes myself, will continue to conduct learning walks to monitor this very successful  instructional program and to provide professional development when needed.

The University Heights Charter School will also prepare for the New Jersey State Assessments that are scheduled for the spring. The creation of a journalism club is also on the agenda for this winter. for our Junior High School scholars.

All of us here at the University Heights Charter School look forward to continuing to enhance our partnerships with both the community and our families to support our prized possession—the University Heights Charter School scholars!

Happy New Year, and I expect it to be a fantastic one at that.

Sincere regards,

Dr. Christy Oliver-Hawley

University Heights Charter School Head of Schools/CEO