Junior High School Announcements:

September 8th will be the first day of school for students and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Jr. High School on September 18th.


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I am so thrilled to announce that Dr. Martin Dickerson has been appointed the School Leader of our Middle School.

We are blessed to have his decades of experience, as he will be an important and valuable resource for all of us as we move into the new school year. In addition to leading our middle school, he will serve on my senior team as one of our three school leaders, and his appointment is one in a series of strategic hires to ensure school improvement. Dr. Dickerson began his teaching career in Newark, where he worked as a teacher for many years at Weequahic High School, Malcolm X Shabazz High School and Martin Luther King, Jr. He has also served in the position as Vice Principal, Assistant Principal, Principal and Assistant Superintendent for a variety of middle schools and districts throughout New Jersey. He brings to UHCS a deep understanding of our city and building strategies and initiatives to best serve middle school scholars.

Personally, there are three areas of expertise that make his addition a big hire for us. Dr. Dickerson brings significant experience teaching and addressing students with special needs, which will provide many of our scholars with needed customized support as they eventually transition to high school. He is also formally accredited in every academic area the State requires for a school leader. And perhaps most exciting, Dr. Dickerson recently completed service in the United States Peace Corps, where he taught English and was stationed in Rundu, Namibia, and I look forward to having this global perspective in our middle school classrooms.

For those of you who have a scholar attending the Middle School, I know you will be hearing more from Dr. Dickerson directly in the coming days, but on behalf of the whole school, I wanted to communicate this critical addition to our community and hope you can all help us all welcome him. Finally, as we look to start school next week, I would like to address one final point. I realize that you have received many updates this summer regarding leadership changes and new staff at UHCS. Since taking on this new role, I have been focused like a laser to fill many open positions, recruit the best talent in the country, and fulfill the State’s expectations and requirements, which unfortunately has not always been addressed over the last few years. While I would strongly prefer a better way to communicate these changes, rather than a series of emails, the global pandemic has obviously reduced our desired engagement and communication.

However, please know these changes have not been arbitrary. Under the Board’s direction and approval, we have worked methodically to create an overall strategic vision to address our staffing needs. Dr. Dickerson’s appointment serves as an addition to a team ready to provide greater opportunity to our scholars, stronger service to our parents, and the means to ensure UHCS meets all State needs. You will hear from Dr. Dickerson in the near future and enjoy the day!

Dr. Christy Oliver,
Head of School

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