Parent Resources - Dress Code/Uniform

It is the goal of the school to have a dress code that makes things easier for parents and students rather than more difficult.  For that reason, we have made every effort to be clear about this policy and consistent in its enforcement.  Although it may seem as if small exceptions should be no problem, we cannot allow deviations from this code.  If an exception is made for one student, it would then have to apply to all students, and the code has changed.  It is in the best interest of everyone if UHCS means what it says and says what it means.


The dress code for grades Pre-K-5 is as follows:

Regular day:

  • Navy blue, short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo-style shirt with UHCS logo (2 or 3 buttons).
  • Khaki-colored (tan) dress pants, shorts, skort, or jumper
    • Students may not wear khaki pants that are low-rise, flare, bell-bottom, cargo (more than two front pockets and two back pockets), carpenter, wide-legged, overly tight or baggy, or made of denim or corduroy.  Pants made by Dickies will not be allowed.
    • Skirt, skort, and jumper length must be no shorter than one inch above the knee cap.
  • Navy blue sweaters with UHCS logo are permissible.
  • Black or brown belt.
    • Belts must look professional, must be all black or brown, and may not be overly wide.
  • Black or navy blue socks or stocking.
    • Socks must be solid colors with no patterns or logos.
  • Navy blue, black, dress shoes or sneakers.
    • Shoes must be tied and Velcro must be fastened at all times.
  • Students may not wear clothing with logos, unless it is the UHCS logo or a small dress pant logo (i.e. Dockers) on the rear pocket.  No other logos are allowed.

Gym day

  • Navy blue sweats or shorts with UHCS logo.
  • Navy or khaki (tan) t-shirt

The dress code for grades 6-8 is as follows:

Regular day:

  • Light blue, short or long sleeved buttoned-down Oxford (UHCS logo)
  • Gold and navy blue tie for boys and plaid cross tie for girls
  • Navy blue dress pants for boys
  • Plaid skirt (no shorter than one inch above the knee cap) or navy blue dress pants for girls
  • Navy blue sweaters with UHCS logo are also permissible
  • Black, or Brown belt Black shoes or sneakers
  • Black or navy socks or stockings

Gym Uniform (to change afterschool)

  • Navy or khaki (tan) t-shirt or navy sweat shirt (UHCS logo)
  •  Navy blue sweat pants or shorts

Students may not wear hats in the school, unless the hat is worn for religious reasons. This goes for girls as well as boys. This is important because students must learn that taking off one’s hat is a basic statement of respect in our country. The school is a serious place of work and hats do not belong on heads. There is an additional strategic reason for forbidding hats: the “broken-window” theory. If we let students know that small gestures of disrespect are immediately noticed and addressed, they will be less likely to attempt more daring and disruptive misbehavior. In other words, if we consistently address the little things, the big things should take care of themselves.