It’s the time of year that we request your one document for address verification for the 20-21 school year. This is mandatory for all current scholars no matter where you currently reside. Please take one FULL PAGED picture or download it from your online account,  of a document from the list below and email it to Ms. Ballard-Cooper or me, based on the directions below.

Please note this document must have a 2020 date on it. Also, please put all of your scholar’s names in the email when sending it to us. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Grades PK3-3rd email to Ms. Poyser at LPoyser@uhcs-newark.org

Grades 4th-7th email to Ms. Ballard-Cooper at MCooper@uhcs-newark.org

Acceptable Documents:

  1. Lease starting in 2020 (i.e started in 2020, ends in 2021)
  2. Drivers License or State ID issued in 2020 (i.e. issue date xx-xx-2020)
  3. Any Bill with a 2020 Date (cable, PSEG, water, mortgage, etc)
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Any other legal document

If you have an extenuating circumstance and you are unable to provide any of the documents, please email Ms. Poyser directly.