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The mission of UHCS is to develop in each student in grades PreK-8 the character, scholarship, and leadership necessary for success in life, college, and community. The University Heights Charter School community is built upon five REACH core virtues.

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Board Meeting
February 17, 2021  6:30PM
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Please Join US for our Black History Month Celebration ft. McDonald’s Salutes Faces of Black History Tour!

Begins @ 1:30pm and 7pm

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Lower School

PreK – 2nd.
74 Hartford Street
Newark, NJ 07103
Phone: 973.623.1965

Elementary School

Grades 3 – 6.
66-78 Morris Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103
Phone: 973.230.9995

Junior High School

Grades 7 – 8.
118 7th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103
Phone: 973.230.9995

District Office

Head of School, Forms, Board Minutes, and more.