Parent Resources - Health & Student Records

MEDICATION Children may not take medicines in school without a written prescription from the child’s doctor.  All medications must be delivered by an adult to the school nurse or her designee in the original prescription container.  (The pharmacy will divide a prescription into two containers – home and school, if necessary).  Children should not carry prescription or other drugs at any time.

NURSE’S OFFICE A scholar who finds it necessary to visit the Nurse’s Office during the school day must get permission from the classroom teacher.

SCHOLAR RECORDS Parents, guardians, and scholars are entitled to review school records relating to their children or to themselves. Access to scholar records will be provided according to applicable Federal and State Laws.  All scholar records will be considered confidential except for information identified as “directory information.”  “Directory information” includes information that is not likely to cause harm, embarrassment, or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.  Such information is limited to the scholar’s name and address, telephone number, date of birth, parents’ names, dates of attendance, diplomas and awards received, teacher names, and the present and most recent educational institutions attended.  State and Federal requirements prohibit the release of any information regarding the special education status of scholars.

Parents, guardians, and eligible scholars may inspect and review the scholar’s official record files and data directly related to the scholar by making a written request to the school principal.  If a scholar’s records are maintained in several locations, they will be collected so that they may be inspected at one location.  Access to special education records may be obtained through a written request to the school administration.

Appropriate school personnel will be present during record inspection to interpret and explain records.  Copies of records not normally provided to parents during normal school operations or requests for additional copies of such records will be charged at a cost of $.25 per page.  Confidential scholar records will be released only under the specific conditions outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.  When a child is transferring to another school, copies of scholar records will be provided directly to the new school.

SCHOLAR SCREENING & TESTING There are a number of reasons why scholars might be tested or screened at school.  For example, state law requires us to screen all new entrants to kindergarten and older scholars who move to University Heights from other districts and states.  In addition, other reasons for testing scholars include a follow up on speech, reading, math, or other academic concerns.  We also administer all New Jersey State Assessments in grades three to five.

We frequently notify parents whenever individual or group testing will be conducted.  This may be through flyers or notes distributed at school, newsletter, phone call, or mail.

In the case of a referral of a scholar for evaluation for possible special needs conditions, parents will be asked to sign a Consent for Testing Form